Halloumi wrapped in Red Pepper

Yesterday’s Formula One Grand Prix race in Bahrain was exciting to watch. My husband has been following F1 for many years and the lucky boy actually got to see the Melbourne Grand Prix live! He never misses one unless it happens that the race is well past his bedtime (time zones). Anyway, I usually make some sort of appetizer for hubby to munch on whilst watching the race. Halloumi is a white cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk. It has a distinctive layered texture, similar to mozzarella, and has a salty flavor. This is an easy snack to make not to mention delicious!

Serves 4 (as a side)
recipe from Olive magazine

200g halloumi, sliced into 4
4 red bell peppers
1 lemon, zested and juiced
1 red chili, finely chopped
2 teaspoons chopped oregano
4 black or green olives, sliced or chopped

Grill or roast peppers until they soften (enough to be able to wrap around the cheese). Remove from heat and cover with plastic warp. After the peppers have cooled, remove skin. Open each pepper and trim insides and tops. Place a slice of halloumi in the center. Sprinkle with lemon zest and juice. Divide chili, oregano and olives between the peppers. Tie with damp kitchen string and flatten slightly. Grill on BBQ on both sides for 5 minutes or until the peppers begin to char.

The Culinary Chase’s Note
: I love all the flavors happening in this little bundle! The lemon softens the saltiness of the cheese while the chili gives the peppers a bit of a bite, but not too much to overpower.


  1. Treehouse Chef on April 27, 2009 at 13:07

    This look so exotic and delicious. Great photos.

  2. Hartley from Kitchen Caravan on April 27, 2009 at 16:15

    This looks so tasty! I love Halloumi. Another one of my favorite recipes is this one for Grilled Halloumi with Zaatar over Dandelion Greens. We also have some great recipes for desserts with Halloumi – make sure to check them out!

  3. Kevin on April 28, 2009 at 13:27

    Great idea. Have yoou used halloumi to make saganaki?

  4. Culinaryschoolsu on April 29, 2009 at 08:08

    Yummy! It looks so delicious. Thanks for such a lovely recipe.

  5. Peter M on April 29, 2009 at 14:05

    Very nice, I’ve seen a similar meze recipe using Halloumi and red peppers….I’m sold!

  6. The Culinary Chase on April 30, 2009 at 08:46

    Thanks TreeHouse Chef, Hartley, Kevin, Culinary School & Peter! I have made saganaki just didn’t know that’s what it was called. Halloumi is a wonderful cheese & I like all the ways you can introduce it in dishes. Cheers.

  7. fra on May 12, 2009 at 15:20