holiday party food

holiday-party-food-collageTwelve days to Christmas! Yikes! Why is it with the best-laid plans things slip? I finally got around to making my first ever Christmas cracker snaps even though I had the materials 2-weeks ago.  They were a cinch to make and took half an hour to assemble.  I think the same goes with party food.  We create lists of what we plan to make and yet as the date draws closer, it’s as if we never had a plan and we’re scrambling to pull it off.  Easy and simple to make, that’s my motto.  In the next few days, I’ll share some of my favourite party food with you.  Today’s post highlights the fun stuff – nibbles.

Polenta Treats – making your own polenta is easy but if you are pressed for time, buy commercial.  Assemble ahead of time and keep in the refrigerator before baking in the oven.  These treats take 10 minutes to cook!

Pork Belly Bites – this is one dish you can’t mess up.  Pork belly is where bacon comes from (bacon is the cured/smoked part) and is usually found in the meat section of your grocery store.  If not, ask your butcher.  These bites take all of 10 minutes to cook and dress up with honey and soy sauce.  Make this as your guests arrive, give them a toothpick and dig in!

Turkey Meatballs – an Asian-inspired finger food guaranteed to make your guests salivate.  Another party food to make ahead of the arrival of your guests.  Allow a few minutes for the meatballs to cool slightly before serving in lettuce cups – you don’t want your guests to burn their mouths.