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roasted cabbage with parmesan

roasted cabbage with parmesan cheese

Cabbage gets a bad rap if you ask me.  It’s been around for three thousand years and yet it’s not front of mind in the vegetable world.  Most will have eaten it raw in a coleslaw and not many will have tried it cooked on the stovetop or in the oven.  Perhaps we don’t do…

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cabbage and pasta soup

cabbage & pasta soup

Baby, it’s cold outside (and I am not referring to the song that seems to have ruffled silly feathers).  We had a cold snap for the past few days and whenever this happens, my body craves soup!  Soup is as old as the history of cooking and enjoyed by the poor and the rich.  It…

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prosciutto and cabbage frittata

prosciutto cabbage frittata - foolproof meal

If you mention the word cabbage to your carnivore friends, the most likely response will come in the form of a scrunched up nose as they take a step backwards.  But, tell them it’s encased in a prosciutto base with Parmesan cheese and suddenly you’re all buddy-buddy with them.  This dish I am about to…

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

Not sure what to make for dinner?  If you have a farmers’ market nearby, drop in and get inspired.  That’s what happened to me on Saturday.  Mr. S asked what’s for dinner and I said I wasn’t sure and hoped the market would be my source of inspiration.  Root vegetables seemed to be everywhere from…

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Coleslaw with Asian-Infused Dressing

John and I are the outdoorsy-type.  We get out as much as possible even when conditions tell us we should stay in.  Provided the temperatures don’t fall below -12c (10f), we’re happy to take our brisk, 40 minute walk around our neighborhood.  The city of Dartmouth is known as the ‘city of lakes’ and for…

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Coleslaw with Granny Smith Apple and Chili

Warmer weather brings out all our favorite recipes for barbecues, family picnics and when it gets too darn hot to cook in the kitchen!  Everyone has their favorite coleslaw recipe that perhaps their mom or grandmother used but this one, for me, takes the blue ribbon at a state fair hands down!  Coleslaw gets its…

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