open-face sandwich with poached egg

open-face sandwich with poached eggSandwiches have been around for centuries.  The term sandwich is believed to have been named after John Montagu who was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Legend has it that in 1762 he asked for meat (most probably salted beef) to be served between slices of bread to avoid interrupting a gambling game.  I love a sandwich that’s loaded to the gills but eating it with some degree of grace is not easily achieved.  Introduce an open-faced sandwich and now you talkin’ (spoken like Joey Tribbiani from Friends).  Sourdough is one of my favourite types of bread.  It is lovely toasted and used as a base to build a sandwich.

The toppings are endless.  Not sure where to begin?  Think of the ingredients that make a delicious salad and you’ll end up with one helluva sandwich.  And, removing that extra slice of bread is a perfect way to lighten up a sandwich. This particular dish is a recreation of the one Mr S had when we were in Paris last month. We had lunch at Coutume Café before heading to the Eiffel Tower.  The ambience, food, service and general feel-good atmosphere made us feel very welcome.  I chose a non-traditional lunch food and had the most delicate, fluffy pancakes ever while Mr S noshed happily on his salad-style sandwich.

Serves 2
sourdough bread slices
1 avocado
handful snow peas, blanched
handful string beans, blanched
handful arugula
1 to 2 tomatoes, quartered
2 poached eggs
1 spring onion, chopped
1 small clove of garlic,, minced
fresh mint, torn
extra-virgin olive oil

open-face sandwich prepMash up the avocado with a fork and season with a dash of sesame oil, sea salt and freshly grated black pepper. Toast the bread slices. Smear a generous portion of the mashed avocado on each slice of bread.  From here it’s up to you on how you want to build it.  I added minced garlic and spring onion.  I piled the snow peas and string brings on top and left the arugula, tomato slices and cucumber slightly to the side.  Crown with a soft poached egg.  Scatter mint and a splash of olive oil over the poached egg.

The Culinary Chase’s Note:  This was as close to what Coutume Café served.  Theirs had broccoli spears and grilled asparagus.  Enjoy!


  1. Sophie on June 28, 2016 at 07:29

    Wow it’s really good and includes a lot of greens! I especially appreciate that it is essentially vegetarian. Well done!