strangolapreti (bread gnocchi with spinach)

strangolatreti (bread gnocchi with spinach & Parmesan)

I enjoy reading where things originate and even more, the meaning behind it. If you’ve ever eaten light, puffy pillows of gnocchi, you’ll be surprised to learn (or at least I was) to find out that gnocchi can also be made with stale breadcrumbs. Strangolapreti is a traditional dish in the Trento area of northern…

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Spinach Rice

A simple and easy way to serve rice and get your vitamins too! We’re all familiar with the cartoon character, Popeye the sailor man, who was always eating spinach to make him strong.  While you would have to eat vast amounts of spinach for the daily recommended amount of iron (only 3.5 milligrams of iron…

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