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parmesan tuiles

parmesan tuiles

December 7, 2019

The other day I was all gung-ho to make parmesan tuiles.  The recipe was from a trusted name in the cooking industry but as I was dishing out the ingredients, something inside me was saying the quantities, oven temperature and method seemed off.  But, because it was from a trusted source, I shrugged off my…

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Cauliflower Soup and Truffle Oil

January 9, 2007

The addition of bacon gives it a special oomph while the truffle oil adds a bit of class to an otherwise basic soup. This recipe is adapted from January 2007 Bon Appétit. Cauliflower is a nutritious vegetable and by taking three florets a day it will provide you with a good supply of your daily…

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Asian style Rice Noodle Beef Salad

January 6, 2007

I love it when people say they want more which is exactly what my 14 year old daughter said. This recipe is adapted from Good Taste magazine. This is quite an easy meal to prepare and loaded with taste! Enjoy! Serves 6250g rice vermicelli noodles2 tablespoons fish sauce1 tablespoon fresh lime juice1 tablespoon brown sugar1/2…

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Eggplant with Tomato Sauce

January 4, 2007

I always like the way simple and fresh ingredients make a tasty dish and this recipe is exactly what I am referring to. You can serve this as an appetizer or as a side dish to a main meal. Serves 41 small onion, chopped finelyolive oil2 garlic cloves, chopped2-3 medium tomatoes, chopped3 tablespoons parsley, chopped1-2…

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Chocolate Brownies

January 2, 2007

Nothing quite smells of home when a pan of brownies are baking in the oven. Families have been used to this baked goodie as far back as 1897 when a recipe for chocolate brownies appeared in a Sears and Roebuck catalog. For more history on the brownie and recipes, click here. Ingredients:250g butter200g dark chocolate4…

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Turkey Leftover Bake

December 29, 2006

I love Christmas dinner with all the turkey trimmings! However, what to do with the leftover meat is always challenging. I had intended to send this post out on the 27th but mother nature struck in the form of an earthquake in Taiwan (26 December) damaging not only buildings but also undersea cabling that supply…

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Asparagus with Tomato and Avocado Dressing

December 24, 2006

The colors of this dish go well with the festive season! An easy recipe to make and especially one that exudes freshness. Adapted from November 2006 – January 2007 issue of Dish magazine from New Zealand. Serves 8800g asparagus1 red capsicum, roasted and diced2 tomatoes seeded and diced2 cloves of garlic, mincedzest of 1 lemon1…

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Pantry Magic in Hong Kong

December 22, 2006

No fun place to go and shop for kitchen cookware and gadgets in Hong Kong? Not any more! Pantry Magic opened its doors in January 2006 in the Pedder Building, Central and more recently in Causeway Bay on Hysan Street.Robert Esser, Managing Director of Pantry Magic, saw a niche market in Hong Kong. He said,…

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Menu For Hope update………..

December 21, 2006

Early this month food bloggers from around the world came together to help support the UN World Food Programme. The total raised thus far is $37,266.70. A number more than double that of last year’s fund raising campaign so congrats to a job well done to those who organized the prizes and those who donated.…

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Pumpkin Pasta with Mozzarella Butter

December 19, 2006

A delicious way to serve pasta! The lemon and sage flavors of the mozzarella butter make this dish a taste sensation and quite easy to make. Serves 42 garlic cloves, crushed3 tablespoons olive oil125g ball mozzarella, drained and roughly chopped50g butter, softenedsmall handful sage leaves, plus extra to servegrated zest and juice of 1 lemon500g…

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Poppyseed Cupcakes with Orange Frosting

December 17, 2006

With daylight hours shorter, what better way to brighten up a day than with a pretty cupcake. This recipe is adapted from Nigella Lawson’s ‘Forever Summer‘ cookbook. Poppy seeds are a classic addition to buttered egg noodles, fruit salads and fragrant yeast breads. They add a nutty flavor and texture to cookies, cakes, breads and…

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Warm Bell Pepper Salad with Sautéed Halloumi

December 14, 2006

Want to color your life healthy? Brightly colored bell peppers, whether green, red, orange or yellow, are rich sources of some of the best nutrients available. Bell peppers are excellent sources of vitamin C and vitamin A. Red peppers are also an excellent source of the vitamins K and B6. Green peppers are a very…

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Menu for Hope III

December 12, 2006

Food bloggers from around the world are drumming up gifts and services for consumers to bid on. Menu for Hope was started by Pim of Chez Pim and this year monies raised will go to UN World Food Program. Last year, in only 3 weeks, Menu for Hope raised US$17,000 and proceeds went to UNICEF.…

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