Vegetable Orzo with Seared Sea Scallops

vegetable orzo with seared sea scallops

A while ago I purchased vegetable dyed orzo but hadn’t used it until now.  That’s the problem with limited cupboard space in that things get pushed to the back or under a pile.  I was going through the small island cabinet for something else when I found the orzo.  It just so happened that Peter…

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Seared Scallops with Warm Radicchio and Pancetta

Radicchio (rah-DEE-kee-oh) is a garden plant from the north of Italy and is also known as red chicory. It offers a spicy bitterness that can add a bite to dishes when used raw, or that can be tamed through grilling or roasting. Radicchio is a good source of vitamin B and vitamin C, calcium and…

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Seared Scallops and Bacon Jam

Bacon jam conjures up all sorts of culinary delights and possibilities. It seems that bacon is today’s hero in sweet concoctions such as bacon baklava, cupcakes with bacon, bacon chocolate crunch bar, chocolate bread pudding with bacon crème anglaise to name a few. But wait, before you turn your nose up at the notion, I’ll…

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