Fennel Risotto with Lamb Sausage

fennel risotto with lamb

Fennel is one of those vegetables you can use alone or as a spice, garnish or herb.  Its subtle anise flavor pairs well with apple and cheese; shellfish (lobster or crab); asparagus and garlic; orange and mint; potatoes and onions and so forth.  It’s deliciously light served as a salad, in a pasta, or in…

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Vegetable Orzo with Seared Sea Scallops

vegetable orzo with seared sea scallops

A while ago I purchased vegetable dyed orzo but hadn’t used it until now.  That’s the problem with limited cupboard space in that things get pushed to the back or under a pile.  I was going through the small island cabinet for something else when I found the orzo.  It just so happened that Peter…

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Kale Salad with Wild Rice and Cranberries – A Vegan Delight!

How can anyone resist a salad that is popping with color?  Not only is it colorful but healthy.  Kale’s anti-oxidant health benefits means it has been studied more extensively in cancer research than any other health condition.  Kale’s nutrient richness is found in three areas: 1) antioxidant nutrients, 2) anti-inflammatory nutrients, and 3) anti-cancer nutrients…

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Ouzo Braised Cabbage with Pork Sausage

Good food begins in the field.  If ever there was a truism that reflects the philosophy and flavors of the Greek country kitchen, that would be it.   Diane Kochilas I had been reminded of our trip to Greece (3 years ago) via long-time friend and fellow food blogger Michelle with her postings on her recent…

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Wagyu Beef and Sautéed Vegetables

My husband and I have been away from home for nearly 3 weeks and I am gagging to cook!  We are currently in NYC and the place we are staying has a mini kitchen and so I decided to prepare dinner in our room.  I had to think of something that was easy and didn’t…

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Spinach, Fennel and Roquefort Filo Pies

Roquefort cheese is blue cheese made from sheep’s milk and hails from the South of France. Its distinctive veins of green mold helps to give it a sharp taste with salty overtones. Roquefort is also delicious on top of steak, in salads and perfect with fortified wines A perfect starter, these vegetarian tartlets are delicious…

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