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Deviled Eggs and Happy Easter!

deviled eggs

Here’s a snack that I grew up with and still enjoy to this day!  A delicate appetizer which is super simple to make and generally the ingredients are found in most kitchens.  I still, though, struggle with cooking the egg such that the shell comes off easily.  I’ve highlighted how to make the perfect boiled…

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Cumin

I was making a center piece for the table on Sunday which involved removing the seeds from a pumpkin.  As I was doing this, I thought I would roast the seeds.  I’ve heard their nutritional content as being very good.  I pulled out the seeds along with the attached fleshy strings of the pumpkin.  This…

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Roasted Cauliflower

After a five day visit to Canada’s Ocean Playground, I was happy to get back into my kitchen and cook!  Don’t get me wrong, the meals we had at Bicycle Thief, Sushi Nami, Seasons, Woody’s Bar-B-Q and La Perla were scrumptious but 5 days of dining out morning, noon and night had a toll on…

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Quinoa & Avocado with Dried Fruit & Lemon-Cumin Vinaigrette

Quinoa (keen-wa) is one of those grains that I love to use and it’s so versatile.  I first used this ancient grain back in 2007 and since then its been a staple in my cupboard.  Nutritionally, these grains are supercharged!  Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rank high in nutrient richness and quinoa provides over twice the amount…

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While I was having a coffee with my husband in Barnes and Noble I spotted a book called Skinny Bitch.  With a name like that how could I not investigate further?  It peaked my curiosity and after skimming through the book I knew it was a keeper.  Kim Barnouin speaks the way I do about…

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