pumpkin & cream cheese gingersnap tart

cream cheese gingersnap tart

Our Thanksgiving has come and gone but this cream cheese gingersnap tart can easily be enjoyed for the upcoming holiday season.  While pumpkin pie is not everyone’s favourite, I would hazard a guess that most enjoy cheesecake. This dessert is the perfect marriage between the two. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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farinata – genoese street food

farinata - chickpea tart

Ever heard of the saying, ‘can’t see for looking’?  This was the case on Friday night.  I wanted to make pakoras before dinner and looked in my pantry to see if I had enough chickpea flour to make them.  As a result, I noticed the farinata recipe on the back of the package.  Hmmm, what…

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fresh fruit tart

This time of year the local farmers’ markets are bursting with fresh produce.  It’s a place I enjoy wandering around seeing what vendors have to offer.  Last weekend I picked up a lovely box of redcurrants.  I haven’t used these for what seems like eternity and it was a fruit my mom used for jellies. …

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Mincemeat Tarts

Everyone has their traditional list of sweets to enjoy over the Christmas season.  Mine is loosely based on the Victorian era with some tried and tested recipes that have been handed down to me.  Mince pie originally contained minced meat (usually a combination of chopped meats), suet (beef fat), dried fruits, and spices.  Mom used…

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Caramelized Onion Tart with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

With all the food experimenting I do, baking with puff pastry has always been a challenge for me. I pore over cookbooks and sites looking for clues as to how to achieve the ultimate crisp and light pastry with flaky golden layers. I do all the things I am supposed to do – preheat the…

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