italian tonnato sauce

tonnato sauce

Well hello, 2020!  It’s taken me to the middle of this month to finally post something.  This is my fourteenth year with this food blog and lately, I have been wondering if I should stop.  And then I find a dish that reignites the foodie in me and my love for sharing recipes.  I started…

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salsa verde (a classic Italian green sauce)

salsa verde - a delicious green sauce

Green sauce, you make my heart sing!  It has to be one of THE easiest and healthy sauces one can make.  But wait!  What is a green sauce, you ask?   If you have tried chimichurri, pesto, sauce vert or Mexican salsa verde you’ve tasted a green sauce.  Salsa verde is a rustic sauce that can…

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Parmesan Grilling Sauce

The cool cold Spring has me pining away for warmer days. Warmer days sees us using the bbq more often and sees me experimenting with new, aromatic sauces that accompany a barbecue. This Parmesan grilling sauce is so versatile and scrumptious, you’ll want to smother it on everything you grill…I kid you not! It’ll work…

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Chimichurri Sauce

What an amazing and versatile condiment! Chimichurri sauce hails from Argentina – a country on our travel wish list of must places to visit. Use the sauce as a marinade for beef, chicken, fish, seafood, or perfect drizzled on vegetables.  If you have time, leave the sauce overnight at room temperature as this will intensify…

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Homemade Pesto

homemade pesto

Almost every cuisine on our planet has found an important role for garlic and is among the oldest known horticultural crop. Egyptian and Indian cultures referred to garlic 5000 years ago and by the Chinese 2000 years ago. Pesto hails from the northern region of Liguria and is a Ligurian superstar! Pasta isn’t the only…

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My Husband’s Bolognese Sauce

Where to begin?  When John and I were dating, the first meal he ever cooked for me was his bolognese sauce tossed with penne.  I remember to this day how wonderful his condo smelled and how neat it was!  My husband was and still is a neat freak…not that I am at all complaining.  For…

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Grilled Broccolini with Garlic Anchoy Sauce

The tail end of Spring is drawing to a close and thankfully the warmer weather has arrived.  And because of this, the air in our neighborhood is perfumed with food being cooked on backyard barbeques. If you don’t barbecue you almost feel left out.  When I head out to our back deck to fire up…

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