porchetta – Italian Street Food

porchetta (Italian street food)

Porchetta (por-ketta) is an Italian meat dish made from pork belly, wrapped around a pork loin, and roasted for several hours.  This is my first time making this and decided to leave the pork loin out for two reasons; it was my first time and I purchased a small piece of pork belly (750g).  I’ve…

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roasted vegetable stacks with goat cheese

roasted vegetable stacks with goats cheese

I am in veggie heaven with these roasted vegetable stacks and in one recipe I get the daily recommended servings of vegetables; my kind of dish.  Although the end of Summer means goodbye to warmer days (sigh), its departure signals the bounty of the harvest (yay!).  It’s the perfect time of the year to grab…

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TapRoot Jamaican Jerk Pig Roast

As much as Mr. S and I enjoy a vacation, it’s the quick getaways we cherish where within an hour’s drive away from the city we start to feel reconnected to the land.  Such was the case on Sunday.  It was an overcast, humid day as we drove to Port Williams, Nova Scotia to enjoy…

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Roasted Pork Belly

When we first moved to Hong Kong, one of our all-time favorite fast foods was char siu fun (Chinese bbq pork over rice with a side of ginger sauce – yum!).  This was our first introduction to pork belly and before that I hadn’t heard of it.  Well, that’s not strictly accurate.  Although I grew…

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Pork Roast with Balsamic Vinegar

Do you recall your Sunday suppers growing up?  These are our fondest food memories we all carry with us.  It’s a dialogue we rehash every so often where we chat about what it was that made those meals special even if at the time we didn’t know that later on they would hold amazing memories…

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