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baked rhubarb

As a youngster, practically everyone I knew had a rhubarb patch in their back yard.  I was always fascinated with its thick pinkish red stalks and big, elephant-like leaves.  It was a perfect spot to play hide-and-go-seek as I would crouch down under the 3-foot stems and spy on my siblings.  When I was younger,…

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homemade rhubarb gin – a delicious cocktail!

DIY rhubarb gin

Gin is not a favorite liquor of mine and not because I had a bad experience when I was younger.  I never liked how it smelled or tasted.  However, all that changed last year when we were at the farmers’ market.  Steinhart Distillery had a table set up displaying their vodka and gin.  I was…

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roasted rhubarb and custard

Local rhubarb in the grocery stores and farmers’ markets usually signals spring has arrived but the exceptionally cold and lingering winter forced our spring plants to show up much later.  Last weekend I picked up my first local batch of rhubarb from the farmers’ market.  It always makes me think of the ginormous rhubarb plant…

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Rhubarb Cordial

Cordials are fruit-based concentrated drinks that are diluted with water before being consumed.  Homemade versions are easy to make and don’t have any additives like the commercial brands do.  Lemon, lime, orange, raspberry and elderflower are some of the popular ones.  Rhubarb cordial is my favorite.  If you’re lucky enough to have a rhubarb patch…

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