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pork belly

porchetta – Italian Street Food

porchetta (Italian street food)

Porchetta (por-ketta) is an Italian meat dish made from pork belly, wrapped around a pork loin, and roasted for several hours.  This is my first time making this and decided to leave the pork loin out for two reasons; it was my first time and I purchased a small piece of pork belly (750g).  I’ve…

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pork belly bites – one helluva snack!

pork belly bites

.Well, hello 2016!  Whatever the days or weeks ahead have in store for me, I’m ready!  Mr. S and I spent Christmas in Calgary.  Over the holiday period I cooked in other peoples homes; one being my daughter’s (a first for me!), one at my cousin’s (in Edmonton) and the other at my daughter’s employers…

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macaroni and cheese – with a slight twist

I grew up on macaroni and cheese both in the homemade version and the boxed one. Both are comfort foods but it’s been years since I had the boxed one.  Every cook has their own version but is it possible to improve on a classic dish?  At first thought, no way, but after considering the…

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Roasted Pork Belly

When we first moved to Hong Kong, one of our all-time favorite fast foods was char siu fun (Chinese bbq pork over rice with a side of ginger sauce – yum!).  This was our first introduction to pork belly and before that I hadn’t heard of it.  Well, that’s not strictly accurate.  Although I grew…

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Pork Belly Buns

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve today and tomorrow millions will usher in the new year of the Sheep/Goat.  Most Chinese have already cleaned their house (literally) where the cleaning helps to drive any bad luck away from the house and discarding anything old to make way for a new start.  The years we spent in…

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