braised chicken wings – happy Chinese new year!

braised chicken wings Chinese style

With Chinese New Year one week away, this celebration always gets me in the mood for Chinese cuisine.  Our time spent in Asia saw us with a keen curiosity for local food and traditions surrounding holidays and events.  While I have tried a variety of Chinese food, some came with much distaste (chicken feet, innards…

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homemade Chinese dumplings

Chinese dumplings

Although it’s been 7 years when we last lived in Asia, the memories live on today whenever I cook a meal using Asian ingredients.  It’s a time in my life I shall always cherish.  Unless you’ve visited or lived in the Far East, it is a place where words, no matter how eloquent, can never…

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Mu Shu Pork

Mu Shu Pork is a Beijing dish and is typically served rolled in Mandarin pancakes but I chose to serve it as a side dish.  Dishes like this pull me back to our time spent in Asia.  For a western newcomer, the Asian culinary experience delights and at the same time shocks the senses.  I…

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Steamed Pork Ribs with Shaohsing Wine and Ginger

Living in Asia opened our minds and eyes to a different world. For me, I was this young woman from a very small community 30 minutes outside Saint John, New Brunswick whose international travel consisted of Florida and as much as there were slight differences between the two countries, nothing could have prepared me for…

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Billy Kwong, Chinese Eating House

Last month my husband and I ate at Kylie Kwong’s restaurant, Billy Kwong. We were in Sydneyvisiting our friends, Nicola and Anthony, and Nicola wanted to know if we’d like to eat at Kylie’s restaurant as she knows I’m a big fan of hers. I first heard about Kylie Kwong from her cooking show, ‘Cooking…

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