Paris (La Ville-Lumière)

Eiffel Tower

Mr. S and I recently returned home from a trip to Paris.  La Ville-Lumière (city of light) was the center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment.  In 1828, Paris began lighting the Champs-Elysées with gas lamps and earned the nickname “La Ville–Lumière”.  Paris is a walkable city and you’ll see far more…

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Pavia Gallery – Espresso Bar & Café

Rou·tine (ro͞oˈtēn) – a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. I am all for a routine…it keeps me grounded, allows me to stay focused on what needs to be done on a regular basis but there are times when a routine can feel like a rut. Our Sunday ritual is pretty basic –…

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