chicken noodle salad cups – entertain with ease

salad cups

Salad cups are one of my favourite ways to serve as an appetizer.  You can take pretty much any salad recipe and instead of serving it on a plate, shrink the portion to fit onto lettuce, endive spears, Tostitos scoops, mini fillo shells, wonton cups and so on; you get the picture.  December is a…

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Asian Inspired Beef Short Ribs

I never knew there were so many braised short rib recipes on the web and it seems a good portion are dedicated to slow cookers.  I eyed a package of two meaty-looking beef short ribs and couldn’t wait to get home and decide how to cook them.  I did not want a typical braise with…

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Lamb Chops Asian-Style

  2015 resolutions?  The New Year is the single most important time to reflect on your life and we all naturally do it.  It’s a milestone that continues to remind us of the importance of time. We reflect on our achievements and re-evaluate our future.  As the year progresses, I am constantly re-evaluating mine, making…

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Asian-style Rice Noodle Beef Salad

Our Asian experience seems like a lifetime ago but whenever we have a dish that reminds of food from that side of the globe, it almost feels like we’re back there. Almost. I’ve made this Asian-style rice noodle beef salad many times in Hong Kong and Bangkok but last night, as we sat around the…

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Miso Tofu Bok Choy

Sometimes I get ahead of myself. I took this photo half a year ago and am just now posting it. Why? Well I love to collect cookbooks, not just any cookbooks, ones that seduce me into buying. Last year I must have been seduced a lot as I think I purchased over 20 cookbooks! My…

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Radish, Carrot & Edamame Stir-Fry

A stir-fry is a perfect excuse to use up odds and ends in the refrigerator.  I’ve had some carrots laying in the bottom crisper for what seems like a long time and wanted to use them before they reached their expiry date – you know they are near the end when the carrots start to…

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