homemade apple chips

Apples are in abundance this time of the year.  I love autumn for all the delicious fruit and vegetables that leave the farmers’ fields and are readily available in food shops and markets.  One fruit I eagerly await their arrival is the humble apple.  It’s hard to imagine there are over 7,000 varieties! With so…

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Oatmeal Apple Cookies

The word cookie has been around since the early 1700’s where in Scotland it referred to a bread bun that was split, filled with cream and topped with icing.  According to The Oxford Companion to Food, cookies in the early part of the 19th century in the USA were usually associated with New Year’s Day. …

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Apple Pie Shake

apple pie shake

Weeds and wild flowers – they’re everywhere!  Some consider them a pest especially when trying to keep them out of your lawn.  Our back yard overlooks a small field and as you can imagine, full of weeds and wild flowers.  I have absolutely no patience for weeds and I think they know that.  All you…

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Roasted Squash & Apple Soup with Goat’s Cheese & Bacon

Soup. It needs no explanation – everyone knows what it is and it’s been around for a millennia.  There are so many variations.  I love the combination of vegetables and fruit.  There’s something so opposite about the two that you’d think there’s no way they belong together in the same pot…but trust me, the two…

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Persimmon Apple Radicchio Stacks

I intimidate people.  I remember the first time I was told this and was floored! It wasn’t said in a negative way nor aimed at my personality.   It happened to pertain to my style of cooking.   We love to entertain and our friends enjoy coming to our house for dinner.  The issue tends to…

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Apple Pie in a Jar

Apple pie conjures up good, wholesome food made by grandmothers and moms.  There’s something so pleasing to the senses when a pie is baking in the oven.  The aromas immediately say ‘welcome’.  I wonder, though, why the pie is made in a round plate and not a square.  Is it because it’s easier to lift…

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