brookies (brownie & cookie dough)

brookiesWhat do you get when you top a layer of brownie batter with a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough?  Brookies!  It was a creation by Jovon English.  Her brookies are in the form of a cupcake.  The marriage of these two desserts will satisfy any sweet tooth craving you have.  And, to top it off, this recipe is a cinch to make. Because my right hand is still in a splint, making dishes like this from scratch makes it labour intensive and my wrist aches when used too much.  I purchased a brownie mix and a chocolate chip cookie mix.  Otherwise, I would have to wait until my strength and flexibility comes back.  This dessert is perfect for a family gathering or for your next book club meeting.  Brookies are sure to garner some oohs and ahhs.

you will need

favourite brownie recipe
favourite chocolate chip recipe


Preheat oven to 350f (180c). Grab a 9″ x 13″ parchment-lined pan and add brownie batter. Spread evenly. Then add chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough to the top. Don’t worry if the dough does not cover the brownie batter as it will spread when it bakes.  Plus, it looks nice when you see bits of the brownie poking through.  Bake for 30 minutes.

ready for the oven

the culinary chase’s note:

Sprinkle with sea salt when brookies are removed from the oven. Enjoy!


  1. Nancy Williamson on April 27, 2023 at 16:53

    This is definitely something I can make! Hurray. I’ll be making in a week or two. Thanks, Heather

    • The Culinary Chase on May 2, 2023 at 11:05

      Yay! As I was eating this I thought peanut butter cookie dough would be nice, too in lieu of chocolate chip.