fried brie with honey

fried brieI don’t know why, but Christmas always seems to sneak up on me…39 days to go!  It feels like summer and fall whizzed by. Each year I am on the hunt for new appetizers.  I had seen a recipe for pan-fried brie Half Baked Harvest posted.  Tieghan had me at fried brie and this inspired me. At times I am a lazy cook and if there’s a shortcut, I’ll happily take it.  There are oodles of baked brie recipes on the internet but frying seemed the easiest for me.  This appetizer is a cinch to make and takes little time to whip up.

you will need

brie cheese wheel


Unwrap the brie. Using a sharp knife, slice through to about 1/4″ from the bottom (do not slice through to the bottom). Repeat across the cheese. Turn 180 degrees and slice through again creating little cubes. Pour honey over the top the of the cheese.  You can gently pull some of the squares apart to allow the honey to seep down. In a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat place the brie honey side down.  Allow the honey to caramelize. This should take roughly 5 minutes.

The honey I usually have on hand is from the farmers’ market but I ran out and bought from the grocery store premium clover honey. It had quite a bit of moisture in it (see the bubbles) compared to what I get at the market. You may need to cook a bit longer to get the caramelized look.

Remove the brie and place it on a cutting board or another serving device.  Serve with artisanal crackers and top with red wine jelly.

the culinary chase’s note:

If the edges collapse, gently push them back up. Add a bit of heat to the cheese by topping it with sweet red chili sauce.  Enjoy!