watermelon baby carriage

watermelon baby carriageLast month I happily hosted a baby shower for my daughter (it’s our first grandchild).  I loved planning it!  The last time I hosted a baby shower was for my friend Michelle who was expecting twins…that was 35 years ago!  I was trying to recall what I served and what stood out was the watermelon baby carriage.  It was the talk of the baby shower back then.  This time I decided to make slight changes.  The original watermelon baby carriage was a vessel for punch.  As I was carving out the carriage, I was gently reminded of the people who attended that shower many years ago. The only photo I have of the shower is this one.  watermelon baby carriageNone with the attendees.  If you are planning a shower, please take photos of your guests…precious memories especially of those who are no longer with us.

When choosing the size of a watermelon, consider what you intend to place inside the cavity and how many guests you have invited.


Using a marker, outline the shape of the carriage.  Grab your sharpest knife and insert tip deep enough to begin cutting.  I started at the top to make the hood of the baby carriage and then worked along the sides.watermelon baby carriage

Don’t worry if the line isn’t straight.  You can go back and reshape as needed.  Use a melon baller to scoop out the watermelon flesh.  Reserve melon balls in a bowl and set them aside.  Hollow out the watermelon according to the amount of fresh fruit you have.  Once you have done that, take an orange and make a small incision.  Place pacifier in that cut; use a real one for the expectant mom to take home. Next, take 2 blueberries to make the eyes.  Gently stick toothpicks in each blueberry (cut toothpicks in half for easy insertion). The same goes for the wheels. Alternatively, draw the eyes using a black marker.

Using a section of the discarded watermelon, cut out the handle for the carriage.  Use toothpicks to fasten to the end of the carriage.  Fill watermelon cavity with desired fruit.

Combine savoury and sweet food for the baby shower and remember your guests are there to celebrate the mom-to-be.

the culinary chase’s note:

Carve the watermelon the morning of the shower.  Have all the fruits washed and ready to go.  To keep the watermelon from rolling, cut off a small slice from the bottom. Try to make it as level as possible.  Enjoy!