diy iced coffee – better than starbucks!

iced coffeeLast Friday it was a scorcher of a day.  It was also the last day The She Shed team of five women would finish landscaping our front garden.  The work from start to finish took six days and boy, did these women work their socks off!  There were only a couple of days where the weather was perfect for their work but the rest was hot and humid. I made icy cold drinks for them and these were enjoyed mid-morning.  On Friday I thought about what I would serve and iced coffee sprang to mind.  The other days I made iced limeade and iced green tea.

The She Shed team

Truth be told, I have never made homemade iced coffee!  And, there were five, VERY thirsty women working in 30c (86f). Would my iced coffee stand up to the test and quench their thirst?  Initially, I was going to make a batch of drip coffee but then I remembered a bottle of instant coffee in the pantry. I have this on hand to use in flavouring whipped cream, in a marinade or used as a rub for meat.

What makes iced coffees so good are two things: sugar and cream.  Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, you might enjoy this.  Once it is diluted with cream and sweetened with sugar, it’s like a liquid dessert.

you will need

any brand instant coffee (look for a dark roast)
simple syrup
start with 2 tablespoons 10% mf cream (or use higher milkfat)


Grab a mason jar (16 oz.) and add a tablespoon instant coffee.  Add one cup of boiling water to the jar.  Stir until dissolved.  Add three or four ice cubes to cool the liquid down.  Add more if still warm.  Add simple syrup and adjust to taste.  I used two tablespoons as the dark roast is a bit stronger.  Then add ice to fill almost to the top.  iced coffeeNow comes the fun part!  Slowly pour cream over the tops of the ice cubes and watch it slowly cascade down. Use a spoon to help distribute the cream into the coffee mixture.

iced coffeeIf you enjoy iced coffees, take my recipe up a notch, and use cold brew.  Cold brew is a coffee that is cold-steeped for 24 hours.

The Culinary Chase’s Note:  The She Shed team loved it and was surprised when I told them how easy it was to make.  Enjoy!