breakfast wrap – ready in 10 minutes!

breakfast wrapLooking for a new way to use eggs for brekkie?  This breakfast wrap is portable for those busy mornings when you’re eating on the run.  Once you have made these and experience just how delicious these are, you’ll never order this from a fast food drive-through again! I made this first using leftover bbq chicken for lunch and then thought, hey, this could be just as yummy for breakfast.  What’s really cool is that you most probably have the ingredients already on hand.

My adult kids would love these so I am sure your little ones will, too.  You can use flour tortilla or pita bread as the base wrap.  From there, add whatever food items you like.

Once you’ve made this breakfast wrap, play around with flavours and textures.  Try smashing up an avocado and smearing that on the pita bread before placing on top of the egg mixture.  Or, season eggs with Worcestershire sauce, favourite hot sauce, salsa etc.  Remember, though, too many ingredients make for a messy wrap.  For more wrap ideas, view here.

serves 2

4 large eggs
1 or 2 green onions, sliced
4 sun-dried tomatoes (packed in oil), chopped
feta cheese, crumbled (or favorite cheese, grated)
2 pita bread (8-inch)


In a large measuring cup, crack open the eggs and whisk with a fork.  Add chopped green onions and tomatoes.  Stir to combine with eggs.  Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

breakfast wrapOver medium-high heat place a non-stick frying pan (8-inches) and pour in half the egg mixture.  Allow eggs to cover the entire surface.  Cook for one to two minutes until eggs are almost cooked.

breakfast wrapSprinkle cheese over eggs.  Heat one pita bread in the microwave for 10 seconds…just enough to warm through and make more pliable.

breakfast wrapTake warmed pita and place over the egg mixture.  Gently press down and let sit for another 30 seconds.  Remove from heat and flip onto a cutting board.

Tightly roll up pita bread.  Slice and serve.  Repeat process.

The Culinary Chase’s Note:  Take the breakfast wrap and cover with tin foil.  This will help keep it warm when ready to eat at a later time.  Enjoy!