pita bread pizza

pita bread pizzaSummer allows us to use our barbeque nearly every day.  It also saves me from using the oven or stove top especially when it’s hot outside.  One staple I like to have on hand is pita bread.  This ancient flatbread has been around since 2500 BC and its uses are numerous.  I love it in a fattoush salad, stuffed with meat, crisped up to use in a dip or simply grill and then splash olive oil over it and sprinkle with dukkah.  But my all-time favourite is making a pizza with pita bread.

Pizza toppings are limitless so use whatever suits your fancy.  I spotted a bag of cipollini onions at the grocery store and instead of roasting I wanted to grill them.  These onions are sweet and perfect to smear over a pizza base.  Grilled garlic is another delicious ingredient to add; grilling or roasting lessens the pungent aroma and taste.  Add at least 6 cloves.  The cheese can be mozzarella but goats cheese or feta works well, too.  I enjoy the tangy taste of feta and it gives a nice contrast to the sweet flavour of the grilled cipollini.  And, the good news?  This meal is done without dirtying a pot or pan!

Serves 2
1 to 2 pita bread
sliced tomatoes
grilled or roasted cipollini
grilled garlic cloves
3 crisp prosciutto slices (use the bbq, too, for this)
olive oil
fresh dill
balsamic vinegar

grilled cipollini onionsPreheat grill to 350f (180c). Build your pizza and then place on grill. Close cover and heat up for 2 minutes – longer if you want a crispier bottom. Remove and drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and scatter fresh dill over.

pita bread pizza slicesThe Culinary Chase’s Note:  Take a sheet of tin foil and add prosciutto slices.  Cook on the bbq grill until slightly crisp.  Enjoy!