Christmas Bark

Christmas BarkIf you make your own candies then I applaud you for your dedication and patience.  Years ago, a friend of my mom’s would stop by to drop off her annual Christmas gift of handmade candy.  Mrs. Scarborough would spend hours on her candies and they looked so delicate and professional.  She would tenderly explain to mom what each one was and any that might have given her grief in the making.  My siblings and I would eye the candy and savour each mouthful…there weren’t that many to go around but boy were they delicious! I like candy/desserts that don’t require much finesse or fuss but deliver that wow factor via visual presentation and taste.  Homemade Christmas bark is super simple and the variations are whatever you what it to be.  A delightful gift to give straight from the heart.

dark chocolate
1/4 cup roughly chopped pistachio nuts
1/4 cup dried cranberries
orange zest
sea salt flakes

Melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water (make sure bowl does not touch the water). When melted remove bowl from heat. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and zest an orange in the middle working out from there. Pour chocolate over zest and smooth out until 1/4-inch thick. Scatter pistachio and cranberries. Top with a pinch or two of sea salt flakes.  Christmas Barkk ingredientsMove tray to fridge and leave there until firm – about 30 minutes.  Remove from refrigerator and break into pieces.  Store in an airtight container or wrap up to give as gifts.

dark chocolate Christmas barkThe Culinary Chase’s Note:   Swirl in milk chocolate or white chocolate for added effect.  The hidden orange zest is a pleasant surprise and goes marvelously with the chocolate.   Enjoy!