Top 5 Mother’s Day Dishes

Mother’s Day is May 11th (less than 2 weeks away) and like most, we celebrate it with food. As a youngster, it was always a treat for me to be able to serve my mom breakfast in bed. I was more nervous about the possibility of dropping the tray more so than if the food was edible! I would serve the usual Mother’s Day food items such as instant coffee, orange juice, toast, scrambled egg (any other type of egg would have had disastrous results) napkin and of course, a flower. It would arrive cold, I might add, and mom would happily eat it as if a chef had prepared it. As I got older, the menu would get a bit more sophisticated (read not having to be supervised) and also I would have been sharing the routine with my younger siblings. I thought I’d share with you these top 5 Mother’s Day recipes to honor mothers around the globe.

scrambled eggsScrambled Eggs – get the skinny here on how to make perfect, moist eggs.

creamy lemon squaresCreamy Lemon Squares – easy-to-make allowing more time with the family.

blueberry-pancakesBlueberry Pancakes – every mom will enjoy these gorgeous-looking pancakes!

glazed baked hamGlazed Baked Ham – 2 types of glazes from this recipe and read Elise’s tips for a delicious outcome.

The Eggberts SunriserThe Eggbert’s Sunriser – breakfast or brunch served in one skillet…yum!

The Culinary Chase’s Note: When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren