What the heck is a wet market?

A wet market refers to types of markets not necessarily selling live animals, but one that is selling fresh vegetables, meat and fish in the open and gets washed down with water regularly.

Hong Kong has many wet markets and if you have never been to one, you are in for a treat! Yes, all five of your senses will be activated! I personally like the one in Causeway Bay (near Times Square) and the one in Central (in and around Peel St, Gage St. and Graham St.). I have been told that chefs frequent these places due to the freshness and abundance of quality foods which is something all Hong Kongers enjoy and insist on!

I am always impressed how the owners of the stalls have their goods laid out in an orderly fashion. Within the wet markets one can also find shops that sell dried goods and condiments such as rice, noodles, pastes, oils etc.

With freshness being key in these wet markets, I cannot see why anyone would not frequent them. The markets are always alive and buzzing with merchants calling out to entice the passerby to shop at their stall. And, you can’t beat the price!

I bought these 3 tomatoes, lettuce and sugar snaps all for HK$21.00 (less than US$3).

Of course, Hong Kong has its grocery stores offering local and international brands and some even have an element of a wet market inside (such as Park n Shop in Coda Plaza).

All in all, the wet market brings an ultra fresh element to whatever you decide to cook in terms of freshness, flavor and color. What else does a personal chef need?


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  2. Garrett on August 28, 2006 at 15:25

    Gwah! Now I totally want to go to Hong Kong (even more so) just to play in there! Though I’m guessing I wouldn’t know what a good deal of the produce was (though I saw a dragon fruit I think).

    Shibby pictures btw!