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blueberry-blackberry fool

blueberry blackberry foolBlueberry-blackberry fool has to be one of the easiest desserts to make.  Not everyone is a fan of blackberries but mixed with blueberries and cream, it’s guaranteed to be a hit at the dinner table.  Both blueberries and blackberries are in season so look for fruit that’s plump but not mushy to touch.  Continue Reading →

pita bread pizza

pita bread pizzaSummer allows us to use our barbeque nearly every day.  It also saves me from using the oven or stove top especially when it’s hot outside.  One staple I like to have on hand is pita bread.  This ancient flatbread has been around since 2500 BC and its uses are numerous.  I love it in a fattoush salad, stuffed with meat, crisped up to use in a dip or simply grill and then splash olive oil over it and sprinkle with dukkah.  But my all-time favourite is making a pizza with pita bread. Continue Reading →

grilled zucchini roll-ups – a summer snack

grilled zucchini roll-upsThe farmers’ markets these days are showing off the bounty of the harvest.  It’s a favourite time of the year for me and for all who enjoy eating locally produced food.  The market is a perfect way to re-engage with the farmers, to ask questions about their produce, meat or fish and leave with a sense of being part of the community.  These farmers love to talk about the food they help put on your table.   Continue Reading →

stuffed zucchini blossoms

stuffed zucchini flowers Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms…sounds so heavenly.  Summer squash which includes zucchini, is now available in local markets and food shops – they are for me, one of the highlights of the season.  They’re delicate, come in different varieties, tender, juicy, and sweet.  But before the summer squash is formed, the plant produces blossoms. If you’re lucky to find zucchini blossoms, grab them!  They’re a delight to eat.  The flower, though delicate, is wonderful stuffed with ricotta or goat cheese, dipped in a tempura-like batter, and deep-fried. Continue Reading →

bulgur and black bean salad

bulgur and black bean saladSummer always means a change in cooking gears.  The oven gets used less, our barbeque more, and food prep becomes simple.  Spending as much time outdoors is key and my energy is focused on leaving kitchen time down to a minimum.  I think we eat better during the summer with fresh, local produce available at markets and grocery stores.  Salads are a favorite and I never seem to make the same one twice.  It’s either missing one veggie or something else is added.  Continue Reading →

iced green tea

iced green teaCold, nonalcoholic iced drinks are always welcomed on a hot, humid day and there’s a variety to satisfy every palate.  Iced tea drinks have been around since the early 1900’s.  When we lived in Asia, bubble tea was all the rage.  I tried it, heck I’ll try anything once!  The tea is infused with crushed fruit or milk (or combo of both!) and chewy tapioca balls are added.  It’s an acquired taste but can be nice if the right crushed fruit combination is achieved.  Thai iced tea is another cold drink I also tried when we lived in Bangkok.  It’s a combination of black tea mixed with two types of milk.  Continue Reading →

Redcurrant Ripple Ice Cream

redcurrant ripple ice creamIce cream, one of my favorite summer treats!  With a slew of flavors available, there’s something for every palate.  Last week I picked up a box of redcurrants from the farmers’ market and used a few sprinkled on my fruit tart.  I then used what was left to make a sauce and initially intended to spread over vanilla ice cream (yet to be purchased).  While I was at the grocery store looking at all the ice creams available, I noticed one of my favorite flavors – butterscotch ripple.  Continue Reading →

Margarita – a classic cocktail

margaritaLonger days and warmer weather is finally being felt in the Maritimes.  The thought of wearing a light jacket and shoes instead of a winter coat and boots is a pleasure!  The sun was out in full force yesterday warming my face and allowing me to believe the nasty winter we endured is a thing of the past.  Spring, yes it might be here in theory, was off to a rocky start but yesterday erased any ill thoughts I had and to celebrate, I made this classic summer cocktail – a Margarita.  Continue Reading →

Peach and Blueberry Crostata

peach and blueberry crostataIt’s peach season, along with other stone fruits, in Nova Scotia.  I, like many, look forward to this time of year when local produce hit the shelves of grocery stores and farmers’ markets.  It also signals the end of summer and even though the days are warm, daylight hours are beginning to shorten.  There’s nothing quite like taking a bite out of a fresh, juicy peach.  Picking ripe peaches isn’t difficult…choose ones that aren’t hard and blemish-free.  Keep in mind the sweetness of a peach does not increase after picking and fresh ones tend to spoil quickly so only pick what you can use within a few days.  Continue Reading →

Roasted Hakurei Turnips

Roasted Hakurei TurnipsI am and have been for a long time enamored with local farmers’ markets.  For those who don’t know me, I grew up in the country where my parents grew their own vegetables and later on had chickens and pigs (hobby farm, of sorts).  As much as I liked being able to walk over to the vegetable field (yep, it wasn’t a patch!) to pick or dig the veggies for the evening dinner, I did not like any of the work that went into growing and maintaining a vegetable garden.  I still don’t!

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