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baked eggs with salsa – perfect brunch food

baked eggs with salsaIf I’ve had a big lunch, dinner gets pared down to a lighter fare.  Baked eggs are simple to make and you can add just about anything to the dish that suits your fancy.  Or for something super duper easy chop up fresh tomatoes, add eggs, and pop into the oven.  There are oodles of baked egg recipes out there and I like mine with a bit of heat and spice.  My recipe is an adaptation of the Arabic dish called shakshukaContinue Reading →

Easy-To-Make Corn Relish

corn relishInspiration for this post comes from eating at The Canteen yesterday.  Mr. S. and I stopped by TIBS for a coffee and I spotted Canteen’s fried green tomato sandwich (blue cheese, corn relish and jalapeño jelly).   It was scrumptious to say the least.  Continue Reading →