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Redcurrant Ripple Ice Cream

redcurrant ripple ice creamIce cream, one of my favorite summer treats!  With a slew of flavors available, there’s something for every palate.  Last week I picked up a box of redcurrants from the farmers’ market and used a few sprinkled on my fruit tart.  I then used what was left to make a sauce and initially intended to spread over vanilla ice cream (yet to be purchased).  While I was at the grocery store looking at all the ice creams available, I noticed one of my favorite flavors – butterscotch ripple.  Continue Reading →

fresh fruit tart

fresh fruit tartThis time of year the local farmers’ markets are bursting with fresh produce.  It’s a place I enjoy wandering around seeing what vendors have to offer.  Last weekend I picked up a lovely box of redcurrants.  I haven’t used these for what seems like eternity and it was a fruit my mom used for jellies.  Continue Reading →