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Melon and Cucumber Salad

melon & cucumber saladAccording to The Oxford Companion to Food, salad is a term derived from the Latin sal (salt), which yielded the form salata, ‘salted things’ such as the raw vegetables eaten in classical times with a dressing of oil, vinegar, or salt.   In the medieval period, salads composed of green leaves, sometimes with flowers.  Later, at least in England, fruits such as orange and lemon were added.  Melons and cucumbers go well together as they are part of the gourd family and are available now at farmers’ markets.   An easy dish to whip up and the flavors won’t disappoint.  This is melon and cucumber salad is a perfect recipe to help cool down when the mercury soars!

Serves 4

melon, trimmed and chopped into bite-size pieces
small English cucumber, washed and sliced
handful red grapes, cut in half
poppy seeds
olive oil
fresh lime juice
fresh mint, sliced

In a bowl, gently toss melon, cucumber, mint and grapes. Squeeze half a lime over the melon mixture and toss. Add a splash of olive oil and toss to combine. When ready to serve sprinkle over with poppy seeds.

The Culinary Chase’s Note: Season the salad with salt and pepper and adjust lime juice accordingly.  Be careful not to add too much oil as there’s plenty of juice from the melon and grapes.  Enjoy!