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oysters and mussels (PEI’s own merroir)

oystersOysters and mussels get their flavour from the sea much like wine gets theirs from the land (terroir).  The chefs and fishermen of Prince Edward Island are coining their own treasures from the ocean by calling it merroir (from the sea). PEI is famous for its Malpeque oysters all due to a Paris exhibition in 1900; they were judged as the world’s tastiest oysters. Continue Reading →

5 cool foodie things to do in PEI

5 cool things to do this summer in Prince Edward IslandThe culinary media tour I participated in last month resulted in my knowledge of Canada’s food island getting a good kick in the backside!  I was relying on my memories of more than three decades ago!  I pigeon-holed Prince Edward Island as a place to eat lobster in church basements, go camping, take in the tourist attractions, spend time soaking up the sun at their awesome sandy beaches, but not really giving a second thought to the diverse foodie haven it has become…or perhaps always was but my youthful mind couldn’t see it back then.  I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to see PEI through the eyes of The Culinary Institute of Canada and Tourism PEI.  I was like a child discovering something for the very first time. Continue Reading →

PEI – Canada’s Food Island

Prince Edward Island - Canada's food islandEarlier this month I received an email from Mark DeWolf of The Chronicle Herald asking if I would be interested in attending a 3-day media tour on Prince Edward Island.  I said sure, send me the details.  PEI holds fond memories for me (lobster suppers/camping) and has a special place in my heart so when Mark proposed this opportunity, I had to say yes!  It’s the smallest province in Canada and most are familiar with its red soil, Anne of Green Gables, and the Birthplace of Confederation.  As of 2017 according to Statistics Canada, PEI population was estimated to be 152,021 (I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a tiny island!) and you can drive tip to tip in 3-hours. Continue Reading →