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how to cook a lobster – it’s easier than you think!

how to cook a lobsterLobster season is now open and the shop near us, Wayne’s World Lobster, opened its doors last Thursday.  Heading there to pick out our lobster was a fond reminder of my childhood.  Twice a year (possibly 3) my parents would drive to a lobster pound and choose the ones they would take home.  Sometimes my dad would go alone and he always brought back periwinkles, clams, and on occasion, scallops.  It was a real treat and my dad always cooked and cut up the lobster.  Continue Reading →

spatchcock cornish hens

spatchcock cornish hensSpatchcock you ask? According to the Oxford Companion to Food, “spatchcock is a culinary term found in cookery books of the 18th and 19th centuries, and revived towards the end of the 20th century.  It is said to be of Irish origin. The theory is that the word is an abbreviation of ‘dispatch cock’, a phrase used to indicate a way of grilling a bird after splitting it open down the back and spreading the two halves out flat.”  Sounds a bit gross but by removing the backbone you actually decrease the cooking time, the bird cooks evenly, and the skin is crispy all over – nothing I detest more than soggy chicken skin.  Spatchcock a cornish hen, chicken or turkey. Continue Reading →

How To Cut and Peel an Avocado

How To Cut & Peel an AvocadoI was in the kitchen the other day getting ready to use an avocado as one of the ingredients for my portobello burger, when I fondly recalled the conversation I had with my son.  He wanted to know if there was an easy way to get the pit out of an avocado.  I hadn’t really given much thought about it as I’ve been using avocados for a number years (akin to breathing).   It’s funny the things we take for granted as being everyday knowledge.  It was like an aha! moment when I told him how easy it was.  For Jason and others out there who aren’t sure, here’s my step-by-step tutorial. Continue Reading →

How To Segment An Orange

how to segment an orangeHow do you eat an orange?  Do you peel it with your fingers or use a knife?  I do both depending on the thickness of the skin but when I want the orange to be the main attraction, segmenting it looks so professional and yet is easy to do.  Orange slices in a dish adds a splash of color and looks pretty.  To segment an orange all you need is a sharp knife and a firm orange.  Segmenting an orange or other citrus fruit is easy.  It can be a bit awkward the first time round, but after a couple tries, you’ll have the technique down pat. Continue Reading →