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oysters and mussels (PEI’s own merroir)

oystersOysters and mussels get their flavour from the sea much like wine gets theirs from the land (terroir).  The chefs and fishermen of Prince Edward Island are coining their own treasures from the ocean by calling it merroir (from the sea). PEI is famous for its Malpeque oysters all due to a Paris exhibition in 1900; they were judged as the world’s tastiest oysters. Continue Reading →

FIFA Women’s World Cup and food stops

FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 - Moncton, NBThe weekend was a good one.  Mr. S and I were off to see two football games in Moncton…my first time watching a live game of football.  Yes, I use the term football because that’s what it’s called.  Only in North America is the game referred to as soccer.  Mr. S, being English, wanted to see England play Mexico.  We watched two sun-drenched games on Saturday and both teams we were rooting for won.  YAY!  I was at an international world event and the fan turnout, I felt, for the FIFA Women’s World Cup was amazing.  Canada is the host country this year with games played in six cities of which Moncton, NB is one of them.  The weekend started off in Nova Scotia and ended in New Brunswick. Continue Reading →