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mustard pickles

mustard picklesIt’s canning season (the process of  preserving cooked food by sealing in jars or cans).  I come from a lineage of women who made their own preserves, jams, and jellies.  It was the best way to enjoy the summertime produce over winter.  Although in today’s world it might sound laborious and unnecessary with canned or frozen foods readily available, for me it’s a tribute to the women in my life who preserved food because it was a necessity.  Continue Reading →

Green Tomato Relish

Green Tomato RelishHello September!  The hint of Fall is in the air and I love it!  As I was out this morning foraging for this photo, I was taken back by the beauty of the flowers and shrubs still making the field look pretty.  It’s hard to miss the goldenrod with its gorgeous bright, yellow spikes; the white tops of Queen Anne’s Lace; crimson lightly dot the landscape with wild thistles; red clover blossoms of light to dark pink, wild asters with shades of blue; and dainty white daisies.  Doesn’t this paint a pretty picture?  It did for me as I was thinking of how I would photograph my green tomato relish.  It’s not the sort of food that can be ‘dressed up’ to look appealing or at least not in my opinion, it’s a relish after all.  And, most have probably not even heard of green tomato relish…say what? Continue Reading →