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homemade anchovy butter (umami-rich)

Making flavoured butter isn’t a new invention but when anchovies are added, you get a whole lotta umami-rich going on.  Say what?  Umami is a trendy foodie word for a pleasant savoury taste.  In a nutshell, something to pump up the flavour like adding a splash of fish sauce or lime juice.  I read that you can even use soy sauce in lieu of parmesan over tomato sauce; who runs out of Parmesan cheese?  Anchovy butter can be used in many ways to enhance the food you put on the table. Continue Reading →

grilled radicchio with bagna càuda

grilled radicchio with bagna caudo sauceSometimes less is more and in cooking terms it’s spot on.  Simple ingredients can make any dish shine. Bagna càuda is an Italian sauce made with butter, olive oil, garlic and anchovies.  The Italians eat it with fennel, peppers, carrots, cauliflower.  Fresh bread dipped in this sauce is simply scrumptious!  Or, give your taste buds a real treat by grilling radicchio wedges and slather with bagna càuda.  I’ve grilled radicchio before as well as romaine but never served it with bagna càuda.  The oil and butter help to round out the garlic while softening the salty flavour of anchovies.  It’s a sauce that is super easy to make, has minimal ingredients and loaded with flavour. Continue Reading →

almond and sunflower seed butter

nut butter - easy to makebut·ter (noun) – a solid yellow substance made by churning cream and used as a spread or in cooking; a food made from cooked fruit or roasted nuts that have been ground up. 

We’re all familiar with butter made with cream but over the last few years there’s a burgeoning market using nuts and seeds.  While peanut butter is popular (I lived on peanut butter and jam sandwiches growing up), making your own nut and seed butter is a healthier alternative.  What’s most appealing for me is the limited amount of work required unlike the time I made my own almond milk.  Almond and sunflower seed butter is delicious and slightly sweet tasting.  Mr. S tried it and enjoyed it when spread on a celery stick.  That’s saying something given his dislike for peanut butter and celery.  Allergic to nuts?  Try using seeds such and sunflower or pumpkin.  Continue Reading →