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stuffed peppers using leftovers

Hi there!  I’m back from what seems eons since I last posted or even thought of posting.  How did August get so crazy that I only posted once?  Well, for starters our house went on the market in June and in the first week of August we received an offer (yay!).  The catch, though, was […]

Stuffed Peppers (Piperies Gemistes)

Stuffed peppers are a meal in themselves.  I think just about every culture has their form of a stuffed pepper.  In India it’s called Bharvan subji which consists of a pepper stuffed with mashed potatoes and onions and seasoned with chili, turmeric, coriander, coriander/cilantro, salt and lemon juice and baked in the oven until soft […]

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes

I remember my Mom making stuffed peppers when I was a teenager so not much has changed over the years! The version Mom served contained minced beef but I really like the flavors of this recipe. Bell peppers are the Christmas ornaments of the vegetable world! They are excellent sources of vitamin C and vitamin […]

Goat Cheese Stuffed Baby Peppers

You’re walking past the produce section of your local grocery store and a bag of sweet baby peppers catch your eye. You look at their pretty rainbow colors, think about what you could them, and then decide they’ll spoil before you can use them. It’s a usual scenario for me especially when I’m preparing meals […]

Peppers Stuffed with Couscous, Halloumi and Currants

There is no such thing for me as a casual glance at a cookbook. And, when I see one that is esthetically pleasing to the eye with beautifully illustrated drawings, tactile, and delicious-looking recipes I am hooked!   Mr. Wilkson’s Vegetables truly is ‘A Cookbook To Celebrate The Garden‘.  For every vegetable he writes snippets of […]

Roasted Bell Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa

A colorful plate of food usually means it’s a nutritional one and such is the case with this dish.   Bell peppers are the Christmas ornaments of the vegetable world. Beautifully shaped glossy exterior with a wide array of vivid colors ranging from green, red, yellow, orange, purple, brown to black. Red peppers are high in […]

Chicken Breast Stuffed With Roasted Red Peppers, Feta and Pistachios

This recipe is from my foodie friend, Peter Minakis, from Kalofagas – Greek Food & Beyond.  I love reading Peter’s blog which highlights all things Greek.  Pistachios are a favorite of mine and they’re a nut that I feel adds a special flare to any dish.  Perhaps it is their Persian roots coupled with the […]

Grilled Peppers

We grill all year round but when the weather is warmer we use the barbecue weekly. We grill anything – bread, cheese, veggies, meat, fish, fruit, you name it we’ve most probably grilled it. A couple of years ago John and I were on a cruise around the Adriatic Sea and one of the ports […]

Spinach and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

The idea of stuffing a mushroom has been around in North America since the mid 1950’s when Italian-Americans began utilizing the ample supply of white button mushrooms.  Italians from the south of Italy already knew how to stuff tomatoes, zucchini flowers and peppers.  When they emigrated to America, zucchini flowers weren’t in abundance like they […]

Polenta Crusted Chili Stuffed with Cheese

This recipe is from my food blogging friend, Kate from Hong Kong.  Her blog has beautifully illustrated photographs not to mention amazing dishes that make you hungry even after you’ve eaten! Chili peppers have been a part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 BC and were unknown in Africa and […]