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Easy To Make Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls by The Culinary ChaseAs much as I enjoy making things from scratch, the truth be told there are times when I just can’t be asked! I was craving something sweet the other day and cinnamon rolls popped into my head. My mom used to make them and I have too, all from scratch. To satisfy this craving I skipped a step and bought frozen white bread dough.  Yep, you read correctly…I can be a lazy cook!  These really are easy to make cinnamon rolls.

Makes 12
butter, at room temperature
1 loaf of frozen bread dough, thawed
brown sugar
ground cinnamon

Simple Glaze –
1 cup icing sugar
2 tablespoons milk

rolled out doughPreheat oven to 350 f. Flour your work surface and roll out dough to a 10-inch by 12-inch rectangle – or as close to this as possible (don’t worry if it’s not perfect). With a butter knife, cover dough with butter the way you would if buttering toast. Cover this with brown sugar and about 1 to 2 tablespoons cinnamon. Roll up long end and cut into 12 even pieces. Place in a buttered pan, cover with a tea towel and let the dough rise until doubled in size (times will vary depending on how warm your kitchen is but at least 30 minutes). Bake in the oven 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. While the rolls are in the oven, make the glaze. Mix the two ingredients together to reach the consistency you desire. You may need to add more milk. When the cinnamon rolls are still hot, pour the glaze all over.

cinnamon rollsThe Culinary Chase’s Note: My tummy was growling the whole time the rolls were in the oven. I sprinkled more brown sugar on top of each roll along with a dot of butter.  You can substitute the milk with espresso shots.  These were so good.  Enjoy!

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