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Mango Sorbet – an ode to summer!

With the days becoming shorter and the nights cooler, summer is slowly saying goodbye.  However, this sunny-looking mango sorbet will always remind me of summer no matter what time of year it is.  Sorbet is basically frozen water or juice sweetened with fruit or even fresh herbs and can be sweet or savory.  Use the savory type as a palate cleanser in between courses.   Folklore has it that sorbet dates back to the first century A.D. when the Roman Emperor, Nero, positioned runners along the Appian Way. They passed buckets of snow hand over hand from the mountains to his banquet hall where it was then mixed with honey and wine.  Sorbet is a great choice for anyone who is lactose intolerant or vegan.  Sorbet is easy to make and so fresh tasting!

You Will Need:
3 to 4 ripe mangoes (roughly 3 1/2 lbs.)
1 cup simple syrup (equal parts of water & sugar – dissolved)

3 to 4 tablespoons fresh lime juice, or to taste

Using a potato peeler, peel the skin from the mango and with a knife cut the flesh from the pit.  Add flesh to blender along with syrup and lime juice.  Purée until smooth and pour into an ice cream maker and follow the manufacturers instructions.  Remove from ice cream maker and place into a shallow container, cover and freeze until slightly firm.

The Culinary Chase’s Note:  Depending on how sweet the mangoes are will determine how much simple syrup to use.  Add 1/2 cup and then do a taste test.  The lime juice will also help to cut some of the sweetness of the mango and syrup.  When making the simple syrup, muddle a few fresh mint leaves to flavor the syrup (strain before adding to mango).  Mango and mint go well together.  Enjoy!

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