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BDC 2012 Young Entrepreneur Award

Who is BDC and what is this award all about?

BDC is the Business Development Bank of Canada.  A financial institution owned by the Government of Canada, BDC has been serving Canadian entrepreneurs for more than 65 years. They have helped more than 29,000 businesses reach their full potential. As a complementary lender, they offer loans and investments that fill out or complete services available from commercial financial institutions.

Ok, so there you have it but you may be asking yourself why, as a food blogger, am I posting this?  Two and half years ago Two If By Sea Cafe espresso bar opened its doors to the Dartmouth, NS public.  There were some (no, make that a lot) naysayers that the business would be bust within months of opening.  Not exactly the enthusiasm or encouragement needed to spur young, energetic people bold enough to venture out and open a business.  I was there when Two If By Sea Cafe (affectionately known as TIBS) opened in November 2009 and I still recall how apologetic Zane (co-owner) was because the heating wasn’t working.  I told him I wasn’t bothered and wanted to sample his cappuccino which I am happy to say was delicious!  I think the staff at that time consisted of Zane (master barista), his business partner Tara MacDonald (baker extraordinaire) and another barista.  Fast forward 6 months and TIBS was becoming well established in the neighborhood and pulling customers from the Halifax side.  Staff count was up to 10 and Zane’s wife was able to leave her job and work full time at the cafe.  TIBS recently opened another location in the historic properties on the Halifax waterfront…not too shabby for those naysayers who only gave the cafe a short life to live!

TIBS serves a variety of coffees and teas along with freshly baked treats such as their larger-than-life croissants, muffins, and cookies.

Watch this video by Common Grounds TV and get the lowdown on TIBS.

The BDC grand prize is $100,000.  How does this apply to Two If By Sea Cafe?  Simple, they want to open the first roastery, Anchored Coffee, in Atlantic Canada where they will buy all of its coffee direct from the farmers in Central and South America. Atlantic Canadian coffee lovers recognize quality but not all consumers are familiar with the complexity of direct-trade coffee buying.

Please help Anchored Coffee by placing your vote here.  Thanks!


The Culinary Chase’s Note:  I’m so happy that the young dynamic duo of Zane Kelsall and Tara MacDonald paired up to share the love of their products.  Please help Zane maintain his current rank of 1 by voting for him (every day, when you think of it) as the contest closes on the 19th of June.


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